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Husband accused of hiring hitmen to kill bride

In an extraordinary twist to a case which has received huge publicity in both Britain and South Africa, Shrien Diwani stands accused of paying jailed taxi driver Zola Tongo to have his wife killed, yesterday’s court heard.

Reporter Natalie MacDonald reveals more in this podcast.

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3,000 Residents Oppose Plans For A Super Sewer

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More than 3,000 residents have signed a petition to oppose plans for a new super sewer entrance in Barn Elms.

The residents voiced their concern about the proposed plan during a public meeting. Some of the issues objections included a 24-hour-a-day construction work and a steady stream of lorries passing through Putney and Barnes.

Stop The Shafts, a new action group, have also backed the petition and will be staging an organised rally on Saturday to draw the attention of Thames Water to the public protest.

Co-ordinator for Stop the Shafts, Sian Baxter said: ”It’s really good so many people have signed the petition but I thought we would get these numbers.

Our target is 5,000 by the end of the consultation on January 14.

One of the problems with this consultation is that Thames Water haven’t notified people efficiently. It is very worrying that people didn’t know more about it.”

She added that during the protest “A group of us all have placards and banners and will be walking around the facility.”

The objections came to light when Thames Water announced that Barn Elms playing fields is one of its preferred site for development.

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Avastin rejected by the NHS

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The drug worth £33.000 per patient and prolongs life for five months has been rejected for the use of NHS

Even though the drug is used in many countries such as France, Germany Italy and prescribed for free and benefits patients especially with breast cancer. The drug claims to help many women live at least five months longer. With combination of therapy it can shrink tumours which means during surgery would be easier to remove and possibly could help patients live a normal life again.

The National Institue for health and clinical exellence has beened the drug last year for bowel cancer. The drug works by blocking the tumours from forming their own blood supply.

 Around £35.000 people in Britain are diagnosed with bowel cancer and costs £20.800 for a eight month course. Studies have shown that it can be affective when it comes treating ovarian, liver and few other cancers.

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Norovirus increasing in the UK

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NHS direct has been bombarded with calls regarding a vrius called norovirus.

At least 4,000 calls on a weekly basis from people suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting looking for advice and help to deal with the virus.

Norovirus can also be called ‘winter vomiting disease’ but can also take place anytime of the year. The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and aching limbs.

It is easily speadable from person to person and can be caught from hospitals, schools and nursing homes. The number of people with the virus in the UK has been increasing in the past month. People can catch the virus by drinking contaminated water and food.

Norovirus can affect people of all ages and last up to several days however it is possible to catch the disease again. There is no particular treatment but drinking a lot of fluids especially water will help get rid of the virus and eating digestive  foods such as pasta and bread is essential. However, if symptoms are still there it is best to go to your doctor immediately.

The NHS reports that 600,000 and 1million people get norovirus every year.

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Babies born in Winter more likely to go through depression

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The nature neuroscience  journal reports that babies born in winter time are more exposed to depression than summer babies.

The study suggests that winter and summer born babies have different biological clocks which leads to seasonal affective disoreder.

Seasonal affective disorder affects 7 per cent of people of people in the UK with symptoms like anxiety, disturbed sleep and lack of energy. However, people surrounded by the sun are a lot more happier and active.

The lack of light in a person’s life  can be the cause of depression in millions of people. People with SAD produce higher levels of melatonin which means they get SAD related behaviour such as tiredness and sleepiness

The scientists also checked their theory on mice which proved that the ones which were raised in Winter shared the same response with people affected by seasonal affective disoreder.

SAD is also caused by genetic, psychological and social factors.

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Britain has the most overweight people from all of Europe

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A report has revealed that the fattest people in Europe are the British with quarter of adults being overweight with Ireland and Iceland not far behind.

Excessive drinking is one of the reasons why Britain has the most overweight nation as adults drink 10.8 litres of alcohol every year. Drinking in early teenage years is a common factor which the UK, Denmark and Lithuania share. Obesity is a growing concern in children with 9.9 per cent in 1995 and up to 14.3 percent in 2004.

Poor choice of foods and not enough exercise are also the cause of obesity, the Health Profile of England has confirmed that people do not prioritise fruit and vegetables. However on the positive note, life expectancy was high in the UK with 77.3 years for men and 81.4 for women. One in four adults is obese in England with diseases like diabetes and cancer increasing. Problems related to asthma, heart diseases and even early death are risks that overweight children could face if obesity remains

Romania and Scandanavian countries has the lowest obesity rates.

The study came from the European commission and the organization for economic co operation after examining the health of people in 31 countries.

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